Building the IBD Scotland Network: Meeting 5th December 2013

Date: Thursday 5th December 2013 from 1800
(The winter SSG meeting is 06-Dec-13)
Venue: Glasgow Radisson Blu
301 Argyle St, Glasgow, G2 8DL
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1800-1830: Arrival drinks
1830-1835: Welcome and introductory words – Charlie Lees, Edinburgh
1835-1845: IBD Scotland – Make It Happen – Craig Mowat, Dundee
1845-1930: How Scottish environmental factors impact on our IBD patients

  • Why do young people in Scotland get IBD so commonly? - Richard Russell, Glasgow
  • Diet in Scotland in 2013 : contributions to gut health and disease - Alex Johnstone, Aberdeen
  • Q&A

1930-2045: Monitoring IBD across the whole of Scotland: an integrated e-health solution

  • The role of Faecal Calprotectin in disease monitoring - Nick Kennedy, Edinburgh
  • The IBD Registry : Implementation Plan for Scotland in 2014 – Fraser Cummings, Southampton
  • The Scottish IBD patient app : current uses and future plans - Angus Watson, Inverness
  • The role of the IBD nurse : helplines, phone clinics and beyond – Vikki Garrick, Glasgow

2100: Closing remarks, followed by Dinner

IBD in Scotland 100 years after Dalziel: it’s time to tackle this together.

“It is almost exactly 100 years since Dalziel first described what we now know as Crohn’s disease. Despite his optimism we are still a long way from knowing what causes IBD to develop and treatment options remain limited for both physicians and patients alike. Scotland now has the highest rates of disease incidence across the world, with about 1 in 200 adults affected by Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. 100 years after Dalziel we need to strive to improve outcomes for all our patients whilst implementing an integrated e-health solution and leading the global research agenda. Scotland is uniquely positioned to realise this goal.”

For the first time we hope to bring together the Scottish IBD community for an evening meeting focusing on IBD issues in Scotland. We hope this will become a regular occurrence; an opportunity to meet in a relatively informal setting to exchange ideas, share good practice, review national issues, network and socialise. We believe that in Scotland we presently have a critical mass of interested physicians and surgeons, specialist nurses and active patient groups who can help achieve a number of simple aims:

  • To raise the standards of clinical care for IBD patients across the entire country
  • To form a functional Network across the entire Scottish IBD community
  • To enable cutting-edge clinical research that will directly benefit our patients
  • To implement an integrated e-health solution across the country that will 1) empower our patients, 2) enable healthcare workers to monitor patients more efficiently, 3) improve patient outcomes and 4) effortlessly collect all data for clinical research and audit
  • A new website is already operational ( with a major content update due imminently
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To this end, our first meeting is broadly three parts. First we will set out our vision of how an IBD Network could operate. Second we will introduce our plans for a first Network study and its background. Third we discuss monitoring of Crohn’s disease, an area of great clinical interest for us all at present.
If you can to contribute to the Network, or would just like to come along to find out more, we look forward to welcoming you in Glasgow on the 5th December. After the meeting we’d like to invite you to join us for dinner.


Charlie Lees, Craig Mowat and Dan Gaya on behalf of the SSG Advisory Group

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