Anti-TNF withdrawal study launched

Following the successful thiopurine withdrawal study we now have the data collection forms ready for our UK-wide anti-TNF withdrawal study. We're conducting this study along similar lines as a retrospective, casenote review-based study (see study guide). We'd encourage as many centres as possible to identify patients who meet our inclusion criteria and collect the relevant data on the forms below. We're interested in patients withdrawn from infliximab or adalimumab after at least 12 months of therapy and with at least 6 months' sustained remission (as defined by physician global assessment and no corticosteroids) prior to withdrawal. The data required should be reasonably straightforward to obtain and is captured on a simple two-page form.

This study has the support of the BSG IBD section and the SSG specialist interest group.

Please contact me if there are any further questions.

Thank you,

Nick Kennedy and Charlie Lees